Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Finding Natural Alternatives In Treating My Unkind Monthlies & Midcycle

In the Summer of 2014 I finally found out one of the reasons why I had so much pain during my monthlies and mid-cycle.

According to the dr. I had several fibroids in my Uterus. Which accounted for the heavy bleeding, frequent urination, digestion problems, back pain, bloating, painful intercourse and last but certainly not least, fatigue.

For years I had to deal with ovarian cyst. But interestingly enough uterine fibroids are more common for women entering their pre-menopausal stage. Some experts say that the reason for that is that progesterone levels drop and estrogen is more dominant. After menopause fibroids shrink and shrivel away.

I'm at least 12 years away from menopause. So I went to see my gynecologist to see what she would recommend. Because my fibroids were not too large, she didn't recommend surgery. Which I was so grateful for! She did however mentioned a uterine scraping. Which many women had have success with.

While I make up my mind on that later procedure. What I wanted for the moment was to find a natural way to deal with my painful and unkind monthlies and midcycle (ovulation) problems. So after testing and trying some things I have several things that have work for me.

Here is My Personal Treatment Plan: 

* Hyland's Menstrual Cramps/ Homeopathic Medicine. Wow one of a kind! I use it before and during my monthlies. And also when I have ovulation pain. Because of stomach issues I can't handle strong pain medicine. I take a couple of pills sublingually. 10 minutes later I'm feeling better. Hardly any pain. More energy. And amazingly more happier and less moodier!

* Hyland's # 8. Mag.Phos. 6x. Homepathic Medicine. This is pretty much a sublingual form of Magnesium. I take a couple of these little pills a day. And whenever I have back pain or cramps. Great for pain and inflammation. Magnesium relaxes the Uterus. Because it's a muscle it responds well to magnesium.

* Solgar Liquid B12 2000 mcg with B Complex. Sublingual form. B1, B6, and B12 when combined together has a great anti-inflammatory and analgesic affect. These B vitamins helps me tremendously with energy and stamina. Great for depression or dealing with the occasional blues. Can't go without it! I squirt 1ml dropperful x2 a day.

* Renew Life Probiotic Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion. One of the best probiotics that I have ever taken! It boosts the immune system. It helps for inflammation. It helps and aids digestion. Great for people like me that have to deal with diarrhea episodes during the monthlies. An excellent treatment for IBS and Chron's Disease.  I have recommended this product to friends and family.

* BodyBio Balance Flax Seed and Safflower Oil (4:1 ratio) Omega 6 and 3. Essential source of fatty acid. Great anti-inflammatory! I take a spoon or two a day on my oatmeal and salads. This particular oil was produced with a balance ratio of Omega 6 and 3. My hair, nails, and skin looks healthier.

* Bio 6 Plus Pancreatic Enzymes 3x times a day. I would usually take it with meals. But my Dr. recommended for me to take the enzymes in between meals instead.  According to theories Pancreatic Enzymes aids in digesting tissue cells, which acts like a natural scrubber and vacuum cleaner. What do I have to loose?

Chamomile Tea. Used for hundreds of years because of it's many medicinal benefits. It's relaxing and soothing for the tummy and Uterus, because it has an anti-spasmodic effect. Great for anxiety! (not recommended for mothers to be)

* Warm Compress. Oh so soothing!

* Organic Foods. Eat more Fish. (I rarely eat red meat, when I do it's lamb or ox tail) We have heard about how they inject the cows and chicken with growth hormones, which can encourage fibroids growth and other types of tumors. Organic is a bit more expensive. But it's worth it!

* Eat more organic fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Simple as that.

Gluten Free. Wheat Free. Gluten and wheat has always been a problem for me. Both culprit causes or trigger autoimmune diseases, female problems like endometriosis, gastrointestinal disorders, and inflammation. Feel better in all ways after kicking out these two bad guys from my diet!

* No corn. Personally I can't digest it. And it makes my cramps feel worst!

No Caffeine (hard especially when I'm craving for that piece of chocolate). I guess it won't hurt if I eat it once in a while. On those once in a while occasiones I go for my Quest Protein Bar.

* Reduce or better enough eliminate sugar. Sugar feeds the fibroids. It's known to cause inflammation. In addition to other types of tumors including cancer. Bad bad sugar.

* Eliminate Dairy Products as much as possible or cut it out completely. Love cheese though had to cut it down considerably. Because Diary contains arachidonic acid from animal products, our bodies releases prostaglandin when we eat diary, which then causes inflammation to the body. The more you eat diary the more inflammation and mucous you will have. Can't forget about the additional growth hormone which may stimulate fibroid growth. Yikes!

* Avoid Saturated Fats. Known to increase estrogen levels, which may encourage the formation of fibroids.

* Drink Plenty of Water. At least 8 glasses a day. Not easy to do especially during the winter. Have to be more conscientious about it. It helps when I split it up by morning, afternoon, and evening.

* Be More Active. More walking. Time to take that dusty bike out from the garage!

Additional Future Considerations:

* Bio-Identical Progesterone. Progesterone levels drop when women start their pre-menopause years. Then when that occurs estrogen becomes more dominant, which leads to fibroids. Last year I tried the Bio-Identical Progesterone. But I decided to stop taking it because of the unpleasant side effects. I will consider trying another brand. And perhaps also I'm going to wait when I'm closer to menopause.

* Homeopathic Fibroids Treatment. Going to consult my dr. about taking specific homeopathic medicine to reduce my fibroids. Will write a future article about my experience with that. Many women have had success and have avoided surgery.


Disclosure: Many of these recommendations came from my personal consultation with Dr. Schoen at Mid-Florida Integrative Medicine. The views and recommendations found here are not meant to be medical advice. Consult your doctor before following any medical treatment or protocol.

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