Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lulu Guinness / Glamour Girl Rug

Lulu Guinness Rug in Christina Aguilera Bathroom
This french glamorous bathroom was beautifully designed for singer Christina Aguilera. But what captured my attention was the retro inspired 1950's Glamour Girl rug by the designer Lulu Guinness. I love it!

The Glamour Girl rug is made of 150 knot Tibetan wool and silk in baby blue, pink and metallic gold. And besides being made with a thick and durable material, the rug it is also soft and plush. I know that my tootsies will love that!

Lulu Guinness is known by her quirky chic designs. And if you get an invitation to her home you will see her sense of style and sophistication through out her whole house.

While you wait for an invitation here is a sneak peek of her home.

The pretty cameo wall painting is based on Lulu Guinness' silhouette.

These Isabel silhouettes splashback tiles by Ruben Toledo adds an air of sophistication to Lulu's kitchen.

The Fornasetti cabinet is perfect for this vintage-style dining room.

Lulu's bathroom floor is made from reclaimed Victorian path tiles. And on top of her vanity are several Glamour Girl's perfume bottles. You know what that Glamour Girl sure has a striking resemblance to Marilyn Monroe.

Lulu Guinness Glamour Girl rug is available for purchase at: The Rug Company.

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