Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Martha Stewart Wrap

 The Martha Wrap is foil plus parchment in one! This special wrap was created and developed by Martha Stewart herself! Why didn't I think of that. Anyhow the wrap is now being sold at one of my favorite shops The Vermont Country Store!

One of the great things about the Martha Wrap is that your food won't be touching the aluminum foil. You see the parchment side is nonstick and provides a barrier between food and foil. When I heard of that I was sold!

For years I had stop using aluminum foil in the kitchen because of health concerns. Many health experts have warned for years about the health risks in using this kind of product in cooking. And some have even attributed certain diseases like Alzheimer's to the use of aluminum foil.

Purchasing healthy food is expensive nowadays. So why would we want to add toxins to our already expensive healthy food? That would defeat the purpose of buying the healthy food in the first place.

Here are the other perks of the Martha Wrap:

*Foil side retains heat and prevents freezer burn
*Oven and freezer safe(Oven safe up to 420° F)
*Ideal for roasting, baking, and steaming
*Also great for wrapping and reheating leftovers

I am so excited about this product! I hope that my favorites restaurants start using this product as well.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The 1940's House/ Film & Experience

Last year a friend of mine and her husband invited my hubby and I to watch The 1940's House. I have been wanting to see this program for the longest so you could imagine how excited I was to finally watch the show.

So after we had diner we all went to the living room and sat down in front of the T.V. My friend popped in the video and a few minutes later we started to watch what we thought was going to be a sweet light fun show. We had no idea we were going to experience a dramatic roller coaster ride. I truthfully wasn't ready for the impact this show was going to have on me. And weeks later I was still recovering from it.

A viewer after watching the show said, "bloody impressive... watch it folks it will stay with you for a long time."

I couldn't said it better myself!

So are you ready? 

Here it goes.

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