Monday, April 11, 2011

Décor Inspiration: Stylish 50's Living Room

Isn't this stylish 50's living room a dream? I could totally see my family in this room! But regrettably this living room belongs to David and Kristin. And this talented couple were by the way featured at Retro Renovation back in January.

The first thing that I love about this room was their color selection. They used the different creams and greens together and then bang, they added red as a pop out color. All together it's a perfect 50's color blend!

The second thing that I appreciate about this living room setting was that although all the furniture is from classic mid- century design not all the pieces are all matching. And we can all agree that it was tastefully done!

And for any of you that might be interested in purchasing a similar sofa, I found the Florence Knoll Sofa to have a similar style like the one featured in this living room. But the less expensive version would be the Gus Modern Jane Sofa.

The third thing that I love about this room is how they incorporated a bold focal point which is the the big painting that is over the big sofa and they balanced it off by adding a larger furniture piece, which is the buffet right across from the focal point. I just wanted to share that point that I learned from my Interior Decorating School.

The fourth thing that I love are the wall paneling! Mind you these are not your typical brown panels from the seventies. These wall paneling brings both style and texture to the room.

The last thing that I must say is that this couple should have their own decorating show!

Now that would be something cool to watch on T.V.

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