Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rules Of Étiquette: Whatever happened to Thank You?

I don't know when or where it started it, but whatever happened to Thank You?

Doesn't it seem to you that people nowadays are less considerate of others? Adult and kids alike are rude and so disrespectful. We live in a society that have become more and more self-centered. Instead of thinking how to help others, people everywhere are only thinking about themselves.

Expressing our appreciation to another human is what makes us human. But unfortunately because of our crazy schedules we can be so caught up in the moment that we could fail to show consideration and gratitude to others. Of course that shouldn't be an excuse to become inconsiderate and unkind to our fellow man.

I remember when my husband was visiting me in Miami. He was my boyfriend then. We decided to go to Hard Rock Cafe that was located at Bayside, which is like an outdoor mall next to the bay. We took the bus from Miami Beach to Miami. When we got to our destination we walked towards the front of the bus. And as I was about to step down out of the bus I thank the bus driver.

My husband thought that it was quite nice of me to thank the bus driver. I on the other hand thought, "Why wouldn't I thank the bus driver?" After all he provided a wonderful service for me. And by me thanking him I am not only appreciated his hard work, but I am acknowledging him as a human being.

Recently I heard of John a man that had set off to write 365 Thank Yous notes in a year. He had been going through a rough patch in his life. But instead of focusing on what he didn't have, he wanted to find some ways to be grateful for what he had. So he decided to write thank you notes to everyone that showed him kindness.

His thank you notes went to loved ones, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, doctors, store clerks, handyman and even to the Starbucks girl that prepared his coffee.

Not only did John put a smile on people's faces. But by showing his appreciation to others it actually had a big positive impact on his own life. It comes to show that there is more happiness in giving then in receiving!

At this moment I want to Thank all of my lovely readers throughout these past several years for your loyal support! You have been wonderful to me.

Thank you so much!

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Feeling inspired? Why not send a thank you card today? The rewards will certainly be priceless!

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