Monday, January 17, 2011

Home Experience: I Have a Mouse in My House!

Warning: This post is not for the faint of heart or for anyone who is terrified of mouse. Please use caution while proceeding.

For the past several months I had been a nervous wreck. And it all started when I found out that I had a mouse in my house. I couldn't think, breath, or sleep normally without thinking about this home invasion. I couldn't believe how this little innocent animal had me on the edge.

I felt totally disgusted every time I went to the kitchen to grab a glass or a silverware. "Did I wash it with enough soap and hot water? Well I am going to wash it again this third time just in case."

I even became obsessed and paranoid to the point that I thought that every noise or shadow was the workings of Mr. Mouse.

For many of you out there I may sound like if a wimp Don't get me wrong I love animals and being outdoors. I wasn't really that afraid of mouse before. As a matter of fact when I was younger I had many hamsters, which by the way are sweet and cuddly in comparison. But then it wasn't until later in life when I had encountered an experience that perhaps changed my feelings towards Ben forever.

The story goes like this...

It was a warm Summer day in South America. All of us children were watching cartoons. The windows and doors of the house were all opened while the warm air gently traveled through the living room.

Then out of no where there it was, this fierce looking cat comes walking through the front door. It was gray and a bit chubby and had a skinny long tail. The children all screamed, "It's a rat!"

The oldest boy runs to the kitchen and runs back with a broom. He charged towards the rat. The rat stands on his hind feet and utters a cat like hissing sound. And like a cowboy the rat then walks towards his opponent. The children scream.

The frightened boy continues swinging the broom towards the ugly intruder. Noise of broom slams towards the hard floors. The rat continues to fight back like a ninja. The boy uses all of his might and goes for the head.

After five long gruesome minutes the rat met his end.

The children are happy and proud of their big brother.

Well after this true and traumatizing experience I no longer liked these kind of animals. And years later after I read about the Bubonic Plague it really sealed the deal for me.

Going back to the mouse in my house. Hubby had put several small traps in our kitchen. First he put small pieces of cheese on top of the traps. But this little fellow seem to be faster and smarter than us. He managed to get the cheese without getting trapped.

Then we heard from a friend that peanut butter is the best choice of food, because it is sticks to the the mouse feet which would be harder for the mouse to run off.

Well after several weeks later the mouse was still living at large.

Then later as I examined certain evidences that I found one day on my kitchen floor. Yes, believe it or not I went down on my knees and observed what seem to be large droppings. That was when I realized that we were not dealing with Mickey Mouse, but instead we had an heavyweight one.

Hubby then confirmed my worst fears when he said that we weren't dealing with no ordinary small house mouse. That we had a case of a house Rat!

Yes, you can now imagine the flashbacks I had of the rat back home. The very thought of having a bigger rodent in my house was both very terrifying and disappointing. I  felt that I had failed as housewife for allowing such a thing to happen. What would our neighbors think if they knew we had a rat in our house?

Now that we knew what we were dealing we had to double size everything.

Hubby set up larger traps and scooped up a larger amount of peanut butter. During the following weeks the rat had triggered the trap a couple of times. It seemed like he was trying to figure out how to get to the peanut butter without getting trapped.

During the whole process our doggie was in the look out for the rat. He would bark to alert us when Ratatouille was around.

Then in one faithful night around 10 PM doggie came to the room and started barking. He wanted for me to follow him to the kitchen. Doggie went straight to the fridge and started to bark non stop. I knew that in that moment we had the rat surrounded and that it was the right time to get him out of my house.

I called Hubby and he got a flashlight and pointed it underneath the fridge to try to see if he could see the rat. I then got the broom while I squeamishly started to bang on the side of the fridge.

Then after a minute of me banging the fridge this huge gray fur ball comes flying out. It wanted to climb up the counter when doggie got a hold of it in mid air. Doggie ran out the kitchen towards the living room and ended up placing the mangled rodent on top of my Persian rug.

I had never seen my doggie so exhilarated and excited before. There it was in front of him his first prey. Then after I saw the dead rat on my rug I kind of felt sorry for him. He or she was kind of cute looking. 

By the end of the day doggie was happy. Daddy was sound asleep . And mommy, well she was left to clean the mess. But hey, she was relieved that the whole ordeal was finally over.

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